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Friday, 8 April 2011

Weekley Game Review 01: Crysis 2

First off for all the fans of Crysis its back and back with a stormer of a game, Crysis 2 at first glance seems like the first Crysis just in the city however it is much much more. Crysis 2 combines all the best elements of the first Crysis with some new and exciting changes, the first change you'll find will be the change to the nanosuits abilities or "modules" as their known in game, Crytek have taken the original abilities from the first Crysis and changed them so that the only two modules you can swap between are stealth (which makes you invisible) and armour (which gives you added damage resistance), however not to worry Crysis 2 has still got the super speed and stregnth from the first Crysis but now they are constantly on by default. Some may think this is a downfall however i consider it as a sort of upgrade from the first Crysis as it is now easier than ever allowing you to run super fast and jump super high without having to swap constantly between different modules. There are also alot of the original Crysis tricks in there such as the quick customization of weapons in the field alowing you to take several differnet tactial routes through certain areas, for example you can go either silent or guns blazing through many different points in many differnet areas. A new and very helpfull tool has been added to Crysis 2 that i felt would have been extremely good in the first Crysis is the tactical visor which highlights the differnt routes you can take through different parts of different missions.

Now for the story, as many of you will now !!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!! the first Crysis ended with Nomad and Psycho recieving a transmission from the *thought dead* Prophet and heading back to the island in order to kick more alien ass !!!!END OF SPOILER ALERT!!!! However Crysis 2 doesn't explain what happened directly, you just get glimpses of what happened on the island throughout the story. I wont reveal the story all i will say is Crysis 3 and this was the longest and by far the best campaign and story that i have ever played and this is definelty worth buying. 10/10


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